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Build your own Gang Sheet

About This Listing

This listing allows you to Build Your Own Gang Sheet!

This listing allows you to:

  • upload your own designs or
  • choose designs from the DTF/Sublimation/UVDTF design gallery

How To Build A Gang Sheet (BAGS)

Our built in BAGS app makes it super easy to create and submit your gang sheet.

BYOGS Instructions:

  • Choose the size of gang sheet you need and click the Build Your Own Gang Sheet button.

We have sizes for small logos or individual prints or longer gang sheets so you can order multiple designs together.

  • You will be directed to the BYOGS art board to start adding designs to your gang sheet.

You can upload your own designs or choose designs from the DTF/Sublimation/UVDTF design gallery.

  • Size the designs for what you need them to be.
  • Arrange the designs as you wish to use as much space on the art board as possible.
  • Double check your art board and then click submit.

If you uploaded your own designs double check they are png format with a 300dpi with a transparent background.

  • Your order will be added to the printing que and fulfilled within 24-48hours.

The watermarks on the designs in the design gallery will automatically be removed when orders are submitted.

Pressing Instructions

DTF Cold Peal Pressing Instructions

As each heat press is different these instructions are a guideline only and may need to be adjusted.

Temp: 315*

Time: 25s

Pressure: medium

  • Pre-press you garment for 5s.
  • Place DTF transfer on design (option to secure in place with heat resistant tape)
  • Place a piece of parchment paper over design.
  • Press for 25s
  • Let design cool for 20-30s before pealing the transfer off.
  • Repress garment with parchment paper for 10s.

Need Help?

Need help with the Gang Sheet Builder? Or have questions about BAGS or DTF?

I can be contacted via email at:

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