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Wild Rose RTS Sublimation Blanks and Print Transfers

Silly Goose On The Loose

Silly Goose On The Loose

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Build your own Gang Sheet

Print Transfers- Build A Gang Sheet is for those who want to use the gang sheet builder to load their own designs and/or to choose designs from the design gallery.

Available for:

  • DTF
  • Sublimation ( Reminder: If you are choosing designs from the design gallery white will not print for sublimation)

How To Order:

  1. Choose the Material you need for your prints (DTF; Sublimation; UVDTF)
  2. Choose an individual or gang sheet size
  3. Choose a design (any design) and click on the Build A Gang Sheet Button (this will direct you to the Gang Sheet Builder)
  4. Create your individual print or gang sheet and submit.
  5. Your order will be added to the printing que in the order it was received.

Details To Remember

  • The best designs to upload are 300dpi png format. The lower the dpi, screen shots, jpegs with backgrounds removed will have a lower resolution and will not print as sharp as a 300dpi png.
  • Remember to double check the designs are transparent as your order will be printed as it is submitted.


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