Build Your Own DTF Gang Sheet

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Build Your Own DTF Gang Sheet makes ordering DTF print transfers a breeze.

Choose the size of gang sheet that will work best for your designs. 

Upload your own designs to the gang sheet builder. The best designs to upload are 300dpi png's with transparent backgrounds.

You can also choose designs from the large DTF gallery. All designs in the DTF gallery are of good resolution (300dpi) with transparent backgrounds.

Size and arrange the designs that best fit the size of your gang sheet. Remember to double check the designs are transparent as your order will be printed as it is submitted.

Pressing Instructions for Cold Peel DTF Print Transfers: (each heat press is different so these times and temps are a guideline and may not be accurate for your heat press):

  • Pre-heat heat press to 320*

  • Pre-press your shirt for 5-8sec

  • Position DTF transfer on shirt. Place a piece of parchment paper over the design.

  • Press with medium-heavy pressure for 25sec.

  • Let DTF transfer cool and peel when cold

  • With a hand holding the shirt peel DTF from one corner to the opposite corner.

  • If you have any resistance when peeling let it cool down even more and then try peeling again.

  • Once DTF transfer is peeled repress the design for 10sec to seal the design. Cover with a piece of parchment paper.